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If you're getting problems playing our games, especially if you work with a cell phone or tablet, including Android and Apple devices, you have started to the best place.


Utilizing a Phone or Tablet?

If you're using a cell phone or tablet, then lots of free slots won't work, as they do not offer the Flash Player that's needed to experience the games.

That stated, we all do have plenty of slots which do focus on cellular devices

See Our Listing of Mobile Friendly Free Slots

Don't forget that on the phone, the majority of the games are more effective once the phone is in panoramic mode (switch it on it's side).

Some game aren't effective whatsoever when they're upright.


Other available choices for Mobile Users

The very best free slots games for mobile are usually available on social casinos like Slotomania and Vegas World. Their games are particularly created for mobile.

Visit Slotomania Free Slots Casino

Visit Vegas World Free Slots Casino

An execllent tip would be to try an e-casino. The key here (that many individuals don't know) is the fact that all real cash casinos permit you to play all of the slots free of charge. If perhaps the casinos in Vegas would perform the same factor!

See a summary of reliable internet casinos with free slots for mobile.

Help & Ideas to Play

In a perfect world, our games should load with no problem.

However, we very often get users reporting problems, a few of which are simple to fix.

So, if you're getting issues with some (or all) in our games, please use the list below of tips, advice and knowledge to get the games working again.

Some Tips to obtain the Games Working

Below, we list the very best explanations why the sport may not be loading and our handy ideas to have them working again.


1: Flash Player not Installed (Desktop and Laptop)

The majority of the slots on our website happen to be made utilizing a computer language known as Flash.

So, to experience the games, you will have to have Flash player installed.

You are able to Download Flash Player Here


2: Flash Player not Enabled (Mobile and Tablet)

For those who have Flash Player installed, however the games aren't working, it may be that it's not enabled inside your browser (it's switched off).

To allow Flash Player, please visit the hyperlinks below, based on your browser.

How you can Enable Flash Player on Safari

How you can Enable Flash Player on Chrome

How you can Enable Flash Player on Firefox

How you can Enable Flash Player on the internet Explorer


3: Your Online Connection is simply too Slow

A game does not appear to operate since the interent connection is simply too slow. Oftentimes, you just need to watch for a time, but when it loads, it really works fine.

Some games we've tested on inadequate online connections dominate one minute to load, whereas with a decent connection they required under 5 seconds.

So, it's worth waiting some time. If is has not loaded following a minute, try refreshing the page and hopefully it'll work the 2nd time you attempt.


4: The Sport is Lower

Sometimes the casinos that offer the disposable slots have to do essential maintanence or upgrade the sport.

This is actually frustrating, because we don't know when this will occur and there's nothing are going to about this.

The only real factor to complete in cases like this would be to repeat the process later. Maybe play another slots and return to the one which wasn't focusing on another day.


5: The Sport Doesn't work inside your Location

For reasons that people don't really understand, some casinos do not let their games to become performed (free of charge) in a few countries.

Generally, the sport will explain if they don't provide games for the location, by means of a mistake message saying (something similar to) "not avilable inside your country"

The only method to circumvent this, that we understand of, is by using something known as a proxy server or Virtual private network. You should use these types of services for everyone the sport from the country in which the game could be loaded without having to be blocked.

The very best place to decide for a Virtual private network is usually the United kingdom

There are numerous Virtual private network services around and those you have to pay for are usually much better than the disposable ones (they're faster and much more reliable, therefore the games are more effective).


6: You've Cookies Blocked in your Browser

Cookies are small, harmless items of code that enables the casino to understand, maongst other activities, where it's readers are originating from (Country and City) and just what games they're playing from.

The details are helpful for them, so that they know which games are famous which places etc. It enables these to enhance their games.

A few of the casinos won't permit you to load the disposable games for those who have cookies blocked inside your browser. When the games aren't on your side, you may want to enable cookies.

The hyperlink below can help you give your cookies.

How you can enable cookies inside your web browser